What are Sexually Explicit and Non-Sexually Explicit Snapshots?

Sexually Explicit Snapshots:
Any photo of a Host or Hosts containing images focused on genitalia, touching or stroking of the genitalia, or showing a sex act, etc are considered sexually explicit. This section stays the same as your old Photo Gallery. However, only paying members will be able to see these photos.

Non-Sexually Explicit Snapshots:
Any photo that does not contain the sexually explicit behavior described in the rules below can be considered non-sexually explicit. From now on, Free Members and Anonymous Users will be able to view only these photos. Therefore, you will need to have at least one non-sexually explicit Snapshot in your Gallery.

For example:

Deleting main snapshots:
You cannot delete your Main Snapshot (both sexually and non-sexually explicit). Once you have additional approved images in your Gallery, you will be able to replace your Main Snapshots.

Your non-sexually explicit photos should follow these guidelines:
  1. Images can include nude full body shots as long as the images are NOT focused on genitalia.
  2. NO sexually suggestive touching of the body is allowed (including couples and groups), unless it is hugging or kissing AND the individuals in the photo are fully clothed.
  3. NO touching, stroking, etc of the genitalia is permitted (including couples and groups).
  4. Sex toys of any kind are NOT permitted.
  5. Nude images of just the lower half of the body are NOT permitted.
  6. Focus on the genitalia is permitted ONLY if covered by non-see through clothing.
  7. Images should NOT include any simulated or real sex acts of any kind, or any sexually explicit content.

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